Nurse’s Toolbox for Palm 5.0


Nurses ToolBox is a combination of 12 sections (modules) from the Award Winning products ER&ICU ToolBox and PediSuite. It enables the user to perform instant weight-based calculations for drug dosages, critical care drips, emergency drugs, fluids, and more for both Pediatric and Adult patients. Additionally, this program adds relevant information such as mixing, infusing and compatibility guides. There have been substantial updates and upgrades throughout all modules in version 5.0, but most significantly, the product now has a full A-Z index, allowing users to access content quickly by using the easy search tool.

12 Modules:


  1. PALS – Pediatric Advanced Life Support Protocols (Updated 2002 AHA guidelines).
  2. PediCode – Pediatric Code module with rapid calculation of doses of over 30 drugs and interventions (Updated 2002 AHA guidelines).
  3. PediDrips – Pediatric Critical Care Drip Module.
  4. PediFever – Rapid calculator of pediatric fever medications.
  5. PediOTC – A guide to over the counter pediatric medications.
  6. Abx Wizard – is a new section and is a miniature antibiotic guide, showing recommendations by condition and including integrated calculations of drug doses.
  7. ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support Protocols.
  8. Adult Drips – Adult Critical Care Drip Calculator and Reference.
  9. Calculators – This new section has integrated calculators of items like osmolal gap, croup, apgar, glascow trauma scores, peak flow, oxygen tank time to empty, pregnancy calculator, and much more.
  10. Emergency Meds- Emergency Medication dosing with integrated dosage calculation.
  11. Fluid Wizard – A Pediatric fluid calculator for bolus and maintenance with adult and pediatric burn fluids.
  12. Whats It! – A substantial upgrade in the addition of a miniature drug guide licensed from FA Davis (Davis s Drug Guide). This will allow users to quickly check what a drug is, its routine dose, and therapeutic/pharmacologic class.