Prayer Times & Qibla for Mobiles 2.02


Get prayer (salah) timings (Islam/Muslims) and sound alerts for your local city . Contains database of 23,978 cities in 252 countries in Prayer Times Pro! Basic version has 576 cities in 143 countries along with Qibla direction and distance now on Java-enabled phones, Pocket PCs, Blackberry devices and Symbian devices. Supports MIDP 2.0 java-enabled phones.

Prayer Times Pro has the following features:


    • View daily prayer timings for 23,978 cities in 252 countries


    • Hear Sound Alerts or Athan Alerts (full Athan from Egypt included) at prayer times (please read footnote)


    • Set Automatic alerts to enable auto-launch of Prayer Times Pro at prayer times (some phones may not support this or may ask for manual permission before auto-launching. See footnote for more information)


    • View the Qibla direction from True North as well as from the position of the Sun and Kaaba’s distance from your local city with the built-in ‘Qibla Compass’


    • Save upto five favourite cities as ‘bookmarks’ with descriptions in order to easily switch between them in case you travel a lot


    • Five prayer times calculation methods available to select from


    • Ability to use a custom prayer calculation method in case customized settings are required


    • Adjust prayer times by adding custom delays to individual prayers


    • Hijri date correction setting


    • Supports standard Asr time calculation method (Imam Shafi’, Hanbali, Maliki) as well as Hanafi method


    • Add upto three custom cities with custom city names in case Prayer Times Pro does not cover your city (more cities coming soon!)


    • Use the ‘Prayer Calendar’ feature to find out prayer timings on a particular date


    • Find out when’s what by using the Islamic Events of the year feature


    • Set manual timezones


    • All-in-one display; see all prayer times for a day on a single screen with beautiful images for each prayer time


    • Runs super-fast on even the slowest of phones


    • Support for almost all the 3G mobiles or latest mobiles/PDAs today


    • Dedicated, excellent customer support


    • And much more …

Prayer Times will automatically adjust the display based on the screen`s size. On PDAs or Series 80, the display changes to adapt the wide screen to show more details on the main screen. On smaller screens, the display again changes in order to adapt the size and show appropriate details about prayer times. All times for a day are shown on the front screen for a quick and easy glance

Detailed information about the installation procedure is included in the packaged zip file..

System Requirements:
A Java-enabled phone that supports:
* MIDP 2.0
* JAR (Java Archive) files of size 250 KB or more.
* 100 KB of FREE RAM
* Screen width of 128 pixels or more (will run on smaller screens but 128 recommended)